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A classic bike

A classic bike

The best tricycles in the world

RABO Tricycles' unique approach to designing wheel based products has enriched children's play experiences for more than 35 years.

With roots in sound cooperation between child development specialists and fine fabrication professionals, RABO tricycles contain an exceptional level of play value and safety, a blend of modern, timeless design and a superior, uncompromised product quality.

By creating products that satisfy children's innate and natural need for play, motion and movement, RABO Tricycles A/S has become a leader in supplying the finest wheel based products for children and adolescents in schools and day care centers around the world.

RABO tricycles are made in Denmark.

RABO Trike 1 wins The Classics Prize

On November 5th 2008 RABO Tricycles received The Classics Prize 2008/09 at The Danish Design Awards for RABO's "Trike 1".

The prize was awarded by HRH The Crown Prince of Denmark and accepted by RABO Tricycles.

The jury said: "The RABO Trike 1 is an uncompromising and robust design. The RABO tricycle for preschool children has been popular ever since its launch, and there are probably many trikes more than 25 years old that are still in use today. Form and colour appeal to children, and the trike has a safe and well-considered design."

Rabo Tricycles wish to send special thanks to The Danish Design Center, the Jury and Pelikan Design: Niels Gammelgaard, Hans Carl Jacobsen and Lars Mathiesen.