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Attention is given to every detail - No detail is too minor

  1. Special safety rubber knobs prevent little fingers from being pinched.
  2. Solid one-piece axle ensures long life even with continuous use.
  3. Special one-piece hubcap, secured by a split pin ensures easy removal/ re-placement.
  4. Light robust wheels for easy pedalling by even the youngest child.
  5. Solid, durable tyres made of superior plastics ensure long life while conforming to the latest material requirements.
  6. The simple front wheel bearing allows quick and easy removal and replacement.
  7. The pedal arm is produced in one piece to ensure minimum wear and long life.
  8. The saddle with back support is made of extremely durable but cushioned material.
  9. All wheel bearings and pedals resist dirt and require no maintenance or cleaning.
  10. All pedals and grip handles are made from an impact resistant material to ensure a long lifetime.